Your dentist can help you design your smile

Having a healthy mouth is essential, but today it is equally important to take into account the aesthetic needs of the mouth.
aesthetic needs
patients’ esthetic needs. A good image is an excellent letter of introduction and an essential part of our non-verbal communication with others is the smile. This is why more and more people are turning to the dentist for a smile design procedure.

This is a comprehensive treatment involving several professionals. Depending on the characteristics of each person, the design of an attractive smile involves working on dental, gingival and perioral esthetics.

– The objective is to improve the shape, position, size and color of the teeth, in addition to achieving a harmonious and proportionate relationship between the teeth and the gums, lips and other facial elements such as the chin and nose.

– For this purpose, a thorough preliminary study of the patient’s particular characteristics must be carried out, using photographs and computer programs capable of showing the results to be obtained with the treatment.

– To correct the existing disharmonies in the teeth, the dentist will resort to practices such as the placement of porcelain veneers.
porcelain veneers
on their surface, although materials such as zirconium, glass or lithium disilicate can also be used.

– At other times, bleaching may be chosen , but it is not usually sufficient. Smile design goes much further and also includes orthodontic treatments.
orthodontic treatments
and techniques aimed at improving the appearance of the gums.

The patient should keep in mind that the results of a smile design are not immediate but that the process will take several months and, in some complicated cases, years. In any case, you should also know that, if you put yourself in the hands of a good professional, the results will be worth it and you will notice it every time you see your smile in the mirror.

Learn more about our smile design system.

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