Why is it important to have your teeth cleaned and how often?

Sometimes we are not aware of the benefits of having or maintaining a clean and healthy mouth. We think that brushing our teeth every day is enough, but dental cleaning helps us to prevent many problems.

In addition, a dental cleaning treatment is not a complex or painful procedure. On the contrary, it is a quick and easy process necessary for you to achieve proper oral hygiene.

So, in order to stop you from avoiding going to the dentist and then having to deal with serious oral health problems, we are going to talk about what a dental cleaning is, how often you should have one and the advantages it has.

What is a dental cleaning or oral cleaning?

Dental cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis, is one of the most demanded dental treatments. This is a procedure performed in order to prevent certain oral diseases.

Its purpose is to remove tartar and stains accumulated on the teeth. However, it should not be confused with dental whitening, since dental cleaning does not alter the color of the teeth.

Oral cleaning should be performed by a professional and is effective in caring for teeth and gums. But, of course, we must not forget daily cleaning, that is, daily tooth brushing, especially before going to sleep, as our director Pablo Rodas says. As well as flossing and visiting your dentist periodically.

If I brush my teeth daily, should I have my teeth cleaned?

The main objective or the main function of dental cleaning is to prevent disease, in addition to removing stains or tartar plaque.

In other words, oral cleanings help to remove tartar that accumulates at the gum line or the neck of our teeth.

Y…what is tartar? They are colonies of bacteria that have been covered by minerals (calcified plaque).This has caused it to harden and adhere strongly to the tooth.

In addition, tartar build-up can form very quickly and does not usually disappear with daily brushing, but can only be removed by proper oral cleaning.

What can happen if I don’t have my teeth cleaned?

The tartar that is created on our teeth is dangerous for our oral health, even leading to periodontal diseases.

Among the problems that we can have if we do not periodically perform a dental cleaning we find:

Oral health: As we have already said, tartar is dangerous for our health, and this is because our immune system considers it a foreign body, so it tries to fight this invasion with inflammation and bleeding. This ends up generating chronic gum inflammation (gingivitis) or periodontal diseases.

Caries: It can also cause the appearance of cavities.

Tooth loss: Tartar, in addition to gum disease, is associated with an increased risk of tooth loss, i.e., loss of teeth.

Aesthetics: When a large amount of tartar accumulates on our teeth, its appearance ends up being unsightly. Likewise, we may not notice it at first, but with the passage of time this deterioration will become much more visible.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

The million-dollar question: «How often do I have my teeth cleaned? Well, the answer is simple: each person is different, so it will depend on the case.

Although, professional orthodontists recommend an oral cleaning every 6 months generally. However, this will depend on dental hygiene and the individual.

Dental cleaning is necessary for proper oral hygiene and health because, as we have said, it prevents excess tartar.

The best thing to do is to visit your dentist for a check-up and an evaluation of your case. He will be able to tell you better than anyone else which periodicity is right for you.

By the way, at Clínica Dental Cervantes the first visit is free of charge😉

What are the advantages of having your teeth cleaned?

Among the advantages of oral cleaning we find:

– We avoid: Considerably infections and diseases that come from bacterial plaque.

– We preserve: The general health of the whole organism. There is a relationship between periodontal disease and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

We prevent: The subtraction of dental pieces. Frequent check-ups and a good professional cleaning will help detect oral diseases. In this way, the problem can be corrected and thus, the loss of teeth.

– We save: Money. When the problem worsens, the intervention is more complex and this entails a higher cost.

– We favor: A beautiful and healthy smile. This advantage is also related to a good quality of life, since when teeth are neglected we tend to smile less or cover our mouths so that they are not visible. When one enjoys a beautiful smile, one’s self-esteem is higher and one lacks complexes.

Do you want to have your teeth cleaned?

In Cervantes Dental Clinic we care about your oral health, so we advise you properly to treat your specific case.

As we have said, each of us is different, so our case is different. For this reason, personalized and attentive service is our daily routine.

If you want to have your teeth cleaned in Granada, just call or write us, we will be happy to assist you.

What do you think about dental cleaning? Have you had any performed? Tell us in the comments.

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