What are the myths and truths of teeth whitening?

In general, there is a great lack of knowledge about dental health. There are many myths that exist today regarding our oral health, but especially when it comes to teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

It is a cosmetic dentistry treatment with the purpose of eliminating those stains, providing a whiter and brighter shade. Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded cosmetic dental treatments.

Specifically, there are four types of teeth whitening:

  1. At home. Through a whitening paste or gel and a splint.
  2. In a specialized clinic.
  3. Mixed dental whitening. It is the combination of the two previous ones.
  4. Internal dental whitening. The whitening paste is to be used from the inside of the tooth.

What are the most common myths about teeth whitening?

We all want our teeth to look white and shiny but sometimes we take steps we see on the Internet that can cause damage we don’t know about. For this reason, we are going to look at the most well-known myths about teeth whitening, which, of course, should not be carried out.

  • There are «home remedies» such as baking soda or lemon. These remedies do not whiten our teeth, just like whitening toothpastes. They are harmful methods that affect our dental health because they are abrasive.
  • Teeth whitening is forever. Its duration depends on many factors, including personal factors such as smoking, coffee drinking, etc.
  • Replaces dental cleaning. These are complementary treatments with different purposes, so it is not a substitute.
  • It is often said that teeth whitening wears down and damages your tooth enamel. This happens if it is not done under expert supervision.
  • No matter how much teeth are whitened, composite fillings, veneers and crowns also change color. The treatment only works on natural teeth.
  • Another remedy sold for the home is a type of LED lights and/or accelerator lights, which have no effect at all.

And the truths?

In contrast, there are also truths regarding teeth whitening such as:

  • It does not have the same effect on all of us, as it depends on our habits and biology.
  • From the first session there are already changes, that is to say, the result is immediate.
  • It may cause some dental sensitivity, but it is reversible. Once the whitening gel is discontinued, it disappears.
  • It is advisable that children under 15 years of age do not undergo this type of treatment since their enamel is not yet fully formed. Likewise, it is also not recommended for pregnant women, patients with periodontal disease, those allergic to the components of the formula and patients with gingival recession.
  • All types of teeth whitening follow the same principle.
  • If you perform the treatment under the supervision of a dentist, it is safe and effective.

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