What are immediate load implants?

Have you heard about immediate load implants? This is a novel implantology treatment that consists of placing a fixed provisional prosthesis in less than 48 hours.

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What are immediate load implants?

The immediate loading implant treatment is a novel technique that allows placing the prosthesis in a time frame of 2 days maximum from the time the implant is placed.

Immediate load implants can be placed in a single tooth or in the whole mouth.

There are also dental studies that ensure a good condition of the bone interface in patients who have undergone this treatment, since it triggers a series of biological reactions that help accelerate the healing process and thus favor osseointegration.

What are the stages of immediate load implants?

Immediate load implants are placed in the following phases:

Preliminary study: As always, we carry out a preliminary study of the patient’s conditions and oral cavity. This way we make sure that this treatment is the right one and the best option for you. In addition, in Cervantes Dental Clinic in Granada we have a 3D Dental Tac that improves the reliability of the diagnosis and facilitates the choice of the most appropriate treatment.

– Implant placement: Local anesthesia is applied during this process, so that it is completely painless. This is when the implants are inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone. Next, we place the transepital abutments, which serve as the base of the prosthesis to finally fix the prosthesis.

Placement of the definitive prosthesis: After three to six months from the placement of the provisional prosthesis, depending on the patient, the definitive prosthesis is placed.

What are the advantages of immediate load implants?

Immediate load implants have multiple advantages, among which we highlight:

Speed: In a maximum period of 48 hours you will be able to wear your provisional fixed prosthesis without the need to wear a removable one. In this way, progressive adaptation to the fixed prosthesis is facilitated.

Improved aesthetics: By not having to wait days or even weeks to be able to see your mouth as you have always had it, since the results are immediate.

– The number of surgical procedures is reduced.

– Shorter treatment time.

Improves self-esteem and confidence: By performing the treatment in 1 or 2 days, you can wear your usual smile from the moment of the intervention.

Allows rapid recovery of oral functionality: They allow aesthetics, chewing and phonation to be achieved quickly and adequately.

– You do not need mobile dentures.

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Can anyone undergo this treatment?

As we always say, each patient is different and the treatment that is suitable for one is not suitable for another. Therefore, not everyone can undergo this treatment.

Therefore it is very important to study the conditions, condition and oral cavity of the patient. So your trusted dentist in Granada will be able to recommend the best treatment for you.

What conditions must be met for this implantology treatment?

Some of the conditions on the basis of which immediate loading implants may or may not be applied are:

– You should be in optimal health and have good oral hygiene.

– Not to present any apical pathology in the implant area.

– Present gingival, periodontal and periapical condition of adjacent teeth.

– Correct occlusion.

– Adequate intermaxillary space must be available to place the implant, abutment and restoration.

Do you need implantology treatment?

In Cervantes Dental Clinic we care about your oral health, so we advise you properly to treat your specific case.

As we have said, each of us is different, so our case is different. For this reason, personalized and attentive service is our daily routine.

If you want to have an immediate load implants treatment, just call or write us, we will be happy to assist you.

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