What are dental prostheses? What types are there?

Dentures are a very important issue because our mouth says a lot about us, about our appearance, so when we are missing a tooth there are two solutions: replace it through a fixed bridge or place an implant in the missing tooth.

In this article we are going to talk about dental prostheses, what they are, what function they have, what types there are.

What are dental prostheses?

The dental prosthesis is an artificial element whose function is based on restoring the anatomy of one or more teeth and are customized. There are several types and a specialist will be in charge of telling us which type is the most suitable for us.

They can be made of various materials such as acrylic or porcelain.

What is their purpose and function?

The base of the prosthesis itself simulates and imitates our natural gum tissue, all through a pigmentation known as polymethylmethacrylate, which reduces and prevents the accumulation of bacteria.

When we lose a tooth, our adjacent teeth become displaced, causing chewing problems and poor hygiene. This may result in an increased risk of contracting diseases.

Therefore, apart from aesthetics, which becomes almost a secondary issue, replacing our missing teeth becomes an essential solution for our oral health.

What types of dentures are there?

As we have already mentioned, our dentist will recommend the most suitable type for us.

Fixed prosthesis

This type of prosthesis is fixed at the dentist and can no longer be removed as its name suggests. On the other hand, it is the type that most closely resembles our natural teeth and is cared for in the same way.

There are two types of fixed dental prostheses.

On natural teeth.

Dental crowns. When we have a broken tooth and our root is healthy, dental crowns are used. They help to restore damaged teeth and protect sensitive teeth. This is because sometimes fillings fail to relieve pain or cannot correct the color or shape of the teeth.

– Dental bridges . Its main function is the replacement of one or more teeth. Unlike the previous one, the bridges are made up of a minimum of two crowns.

On dental implants. This type of solution is carried out for those who do not want to damage their natural teeth.

Removable prosthesis

This type of dental prosthesis is removed every day for cleaning. Therefore, people who usually have this type are those who wish to have their teeth quickly or who do not have enough bone to insert the implants themselves.

1. Partial removable. They are usually anchored to the remaining teeth and are supported by the mucosa and gums. Due to technological advances, it is no longer used because it is usually replaced by dental implants.

2. Removable complete. This is what is commonly known as denture. It is used by people who do not have any or almost no teeth, since the use of implants is not recommended for various reasons such as age or health.

Therefore, we can see how, apart from aesthetics, the use of dental prostheses is necessary in the case of needing them for our hygiene and health. Therefore, we should consult our dentist to guide us as to which type is the most suitable for us.

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