Types of dental implants: What types are there and how do they differ?

Among the most common reasons we go to the dentist is to have some type of dental implant or dental implants.

This is performed when the reconstruction of a dental piece is not possible, being necessary its extraction. Or when we have lost one or more teeth.

Dental implants are a safe, effective and durable solution to replace our original teeth. Dental implants not only serve an esthetic function, but are also functional in helping to maintain a good bite and oral health.

What are dental implants?

Before delving into the types of dental implants that exist, let’s explain what dental implants are.

As we have said, dental implants are the ideal solution when you are missing teeth. These are titanium attachments that are placed in the bone to replace damaged or missing teeth.

That is, a titanium screw is placed inside the maxillary bone, if the hole is located in the upper part of the mouth, or in the mandibular bone, if it is located in the lower part.

The size of a dental implant will depend on the gap left by the tooth that has fallen out or decayed. When you have an implant placed, it is important for the dentist to check the condition of your gums.

Thus, when he has been able to verify that you have enough bone mass to place the dental implant, he will proceed to do so. This is checked by X-rays of your oral cavity.

What types of dental implants are there?

Types of implants according to the material used

As a general rule, dental implants are mainly considered to be of one type depending on their material:

– Titanium dental implants

It is one of the most traditionally used materials for dental implants. It is a metal of a color similar to steel, but lighter, extremely hard and easily moldable.

It has a high biocompatibility, so it is difficult for your body to reject it.

The technique usually used to place titanium dental implants is osseointegration. This consists of a mechanical integration by means of which the bone cells adhere to the surface of the implant, progressively consolidating its fixation to the jawbone.

Types of implants according to the treatment used

At Cervantes Dental Clinic in Granada we have 3 options when it comes to dental implant treatment:

Immediate implants: Consists of placing the implant on the same day as the extraction of the tooth to be replaced. It has the advantage of being able to replace the lost piece the same day and shorten the treatment time.

2. Immediate loading, teeth in one day: If indicated, teeth can be placed on the same day of implant placement. Once the healing period has elapsed, the definitive teeth are made.

3. Guided surgery: From our digital planning, a surgical splint is made that allows us to perform the surgery with total accuracy, placing the implants without the need for incisions, flaps or stitches.

Likewise, in our facilities in Granada we have a state-of-the-art 3D digital dental Tac, which allows us to make exact plans on a three-dimensional model identical to the patient’s mouth.

Thanks to this information we perform minimally invasive surgeries, without the need for incisions or sutures. This reduces inflammation and improves the postoperative period.

Do you need dental implants?

In Cervantes Dental Clinic in Granada we care about your dental health, so we advise you properly to treat your specific case.

As we always say, each one of us is different, and so is our case. For this reason, personalized and attentive service is our daily routine.

If you need a dental implant treatment in Granada, just call or write us, we will be happy to assist you.

Smile is a universal language. Come to our dental clinic in Granada and we will advise you. First appointment free of charge!

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