Low friction braces in Granada

Within the different orthodontic treatments that exist, our clinic offers you the possibility of putting on low friction braces in Granada.

This type of treatment provides very good results and greater comfort for the patient. Contact us and we will give you information without obligation.

Are low friction brackets the right choice for you? Check it out

Surely you have heard about the different types of braces on the market, but it is not always easy to choose which one to put on. At Cervantes Clinic we want to help you in a personalized way to choose the type of orthodontics that best suits you.

  • You want to correct your teeth without leaving your pocket in the attempt: our clinic not only reduces costs to the maximum, but we also put at your disposal a series of facilities in the payment so that it does not cost you so much to pay. With very affordable financing, you will be able to carry out orthodontic treatment more comfortably.
  • You would like to wear braces for as little time as possible: if you are looking to reduce the duration of treatment, low-friction brackets achieve results more quickly than other types of orthodontics, thus seeking greater comfort for the patient.

Come to our dental clinic and we will make a thorough study of your case to advise you in an individual and personalized way.

Discover how treatment with metal brackets works

If you are wondering what metal brackets are, from our experience in the field of orthodontics we are going to give you a series of characteristics about the use of metal brackets.

The main objective is to correct possible defects in dental alignment or occlusion. By means of a previous analysis by the orthodontist, the most appropriate treatment is established in a personalized way.

How is it different from esthetic orthodontics?

While there are treatments that focus more on the patient’s esthetics, such as sapphire brackets, low-friction brackets seek a faster and more efficient result to reduce treatment time.

How long does treatment with metal brackets last?

Logically, the duration of the use of braces will depend on the severity of the problem and the patient’s compliance with the recommendations and habits. From a few months if the malocclusion is mild, up to three years of age.

Anyway, as each person is different, we recommend you to visit our Clinic, where we offer a free first consultation.

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Brackets de baja fricción en Granada

Advantages of wearing low friction brackets

To learn more about whether this type of orthodontics is right for you, here are a number of positive aspects of wearing low-friction braces. Discover the main benefits:

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