Invisalign in Granada

Looking for an alternative to braces? Do you want to correct your teeth without anyone noticing that you are wearing braces? Invisalign or invisible orthodontics is what you are looking for.

What exactly is Invisalign orthodontics? It is a treatment based on transparent and removable aligners that are designed to fit your teeth and are changed every two weeks. Ready to improve your smile without anyone noticing?

Is invisible orthodontics a good option for you? Discover it

Are you wondering if this treatment is the best option to correct your teeth? What do you say we clear your doubts? This orthodontics can correct any problem that has to do with the alignment or bite of your teeth.

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, this is undoubtedly the best choice for you:

  • You want to correct your teeth without anyone noticing that you are wearing braces: if this is one of your main concerns, invisible orthodontics is the best option for you. With Invisalign you will be able to improve your smile without those around you noticing that you are wearing braces.

    This type of orthodontics is the perfect alternative for patients who prioritize esthetics and are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing braces.

  • You are looking for aesthetic but also effective orthodontics: thanks to the precision of Invisalign treatment, you won’t have to worry about last-minute emergencies. This type of orthodontics has its own software that allows you to see the final result before starting your treatment.

Still in doubt? If you are looking for a dentist in Granada who can help you and you have not decided yet, we invite you to come and meet us so that we can study your case. and we will provide you with all the information. This way you will be able to find out exactly if this type of orthodontics is the best fit for your situation.

Discover what invisalign orthodontic treatment involves

How does invisalign orthodontic treatment work? Invisalign orthodontic treatment consists of the placement of clear aligners or splints, which help straighten the teeth to obtain the correct position.

Each of the removable splints are custom-made and are changed every two weeks. As the clear aligners are changed, your teeth will move until they reach the position indicated by the doctor.

The best thing about invisalign orthodontic treatment at Dental Cervantes Clinic is that it has its own software ClinCheck. With it, our team of orthodontists can see the final result of your smile before starting your treatment.

Wondering whether invisalign or braces are better?

This is one of the most common doubts our patients have: is invisalign orthodontics better than braces? To give you an answer to this question, it is best to come to our clinic so that we can study your case. This way we can find the perfect orthodontics for you.

But, first of all, you have to be very aware of your situation and your dental health needs. Each of our treatments has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • If you are looking for a more esthetic and effective orthodontic treatment that will give you the smile you long for in a short period of time, Invisalign is perfect for you.
  • But if, on the other hand, you are looking for a more economical option that does not depend on your willpower to wear clear aligners for 22 hours a day, in that case we recommend that you opt for braces.

As you can see, it all depends on what you are looking for and what our orthodontic specialist recommends .

How long does the treatment last?

The duration of treatment with invisible orthodontics usually lasts less time than that of traditional orthodontics (between approximately 6 and 18 months). However, the duration of treatment also depends on other factors such as: the patient’s involvement, the degree of malocclusion, and the type of treatment, among others.

Why does Invisalign treatment usually take less time? This is thanks to the application of technology that allows the force to be used on the right teeth so that the displacement is carried out effectively.

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Ortodoncia Invisible en Granada

Advantages of choosing invisible orthodontics

Are you still thinking about the idea of invisible braces? Choosing this method of orthodontics has more advantages than you might think. Here are some of them:

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