Orthodontics in adults? All its advantages and types

In adulthood, oral health is as important, if not more so, than in children. Although the bones have stopped growing, it may be the case that the teeth are displaced or a correction has not been made before.

However, orthodontic treatment for adults is increasingly in demand, as it does not matter how old you are as long as it is necessary.

How important is orthodontic treatment for adults?

Orthodontics has several advantages, both in terms of esthetics and health, it means an increase in quality of life.

When we talk about having braces we think directly of a beautiful smile referring to aesthetics, which is obvious, but we must not forget other aspects that also benefit.

As for our oral health, orthodontic treatment improves the position and function of our teeth. On the other hand, better hygiene is achieved, due to the alignment of the teeth. This results in a decrease in caries and periodontal disease.

Biting with properly aligned teeth helps the jaw to work without tension and reduces the friction that causes excessive wear on the teeth, among other things, which over time can lead to more problems.

Finally, all these advantages have a positive connotation in terms of our psychology, since when we see ourselves with a nice smile it makes us happier.

What types of orthodontics are most requested in adults?

There are different types of adult orthodontics that can be found in a dental clinic, such as:

  1. Invisalign
    Invisalign: This is a system of splints that can be removed to carry out normal tasks, such as brushing teeth or eating. It is an invisible orthodontic that stands out above all for its comfort, although it has many other benefits.
  2. Low Friction Brackets
    This system is one of the fastest and produces good results by making the tooth move to the right place by applying a very light force.
  3. Aesthetic braces
    Invisible brackets, perfect for adult orthodontics. The materials from which they are made are not metallic, but rather transparent plastic, ceramic or sapphire.

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