Oral health in pregnancy

There is something that not many people know and that is that hormonal alterations directly affect oral health. One of the situations in which there is a greater alteration of hormone levels is during pregnancy. going to the dentist is a must for pregnant women. Although with certain precautions in terms of treatments, revisions become very necessary, both to control which teeth and gums do not suffer from the effects of pregnancy and to prevent conditions in the mouth from having negative consequences on the fetus. There are studies that state that the poor condition of the mouth can even bring forward the birth and cause a child to be born prematurely or with low birth weight.

Dental problems during pregnancy

Women who plan to become pregnant should fix their oral problems before becoming pregnant. Periodontal disease increases the number of biological fluids that affect pregnancy and childbirth.

On the other hand, hormones leave them particularly sensitive, increasing the exposure to suffer from gingivitis more often. This problem is not only caused by pregnancy, but also by the accumulation of bacterial plaque that, when it rubs against the gums, which are more vulnerable due to high hormonal levels, causes damage.

How to take care of your mouth during pregnancy

To ensure good oral health, precautions should be taken during pregnancy by brushing the teeth daily, for several minutes and several times a day. You should also get used to using dental floss.

It is also necessary to have a balanced diet that is rich in calcium and phosphorus. In addition, at the slightest symptom, a check-up should be performed to prevent it from becoming chronic. Therefore, the pregnant woman will check the condition of her mouth as one of her priorities.

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