Oral health: advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign orthodontics

The Spanish population is becoming increasingly aware of oral health issues. In fact, regular visits to the dentist are becoming less frequent and healthier hygienic habits are being acquired.

However, it should also be noted that there is still a certain amount of ignorance about the characteristics of some orthodontic products. On the other hand, this lack of knowledge is also due to the difficulty associated with keeping abreast of all the new developments and improvements that arise in this field.

In this regard, one of the most useful appliances for correcting teeth with incorrect alignment or dysfunctional formations is Invisalign orthodontics, which is also called
invisible orthodontics.

This orthodontics is an alternative, above all, to traditional metal brackets and is composed of aligners that are practically imperceptible.

The following is a review of the pros and cons of using Invisalign orthodontics, which is becoming increasingly popular:

Advantages of using Invisalign orthodontics

– The main advantage has to do with the esthetic aspect, apart from fixing dental alignment problems, its presence will not be noticed, which is positive for the public image.

– The comfort of this prosthesis is essential. As it is removable (removable and not fixed), one can, without any problem, eat without it. It therefore adapts to the patient’s routines.

– On the hygienic level, it should be noted that one can remove it and, for example, floss between the teeth.

– In addition, it has a computerized custom design, based on molds of the denture, allowing different models to be created in stages. The solution is therefore fully customized.

– It allows shorter and more spaced visits to the dentist.

– The risk of caries is reduced, compared to esthetic orthodontics.

Disadvantages of using Invisalign orthodontics

– Although installments and deferred payments are usually offered, it should be borne in mind that the outlay to be made is greater than that faced with other devices.

– In some cases where advanced alignment is needed, this type of orthodontics is not possible and metal or other types of braces are required.

Invisalign orthodontics does not have the ability to correct alignment as quickly as metal brackets .

– It is not effective in correcting the bite, unlike metal brackets . Patients with bruxism may exert pressure on the invisible aligners that tends to damage them.

In short, it is up to each patient and his or her circumstances to assess the pros and cons of Invisalign orthodontics, which stands out for offering satisfactory results with a minimization of dysfunctional and unsightly effects .

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