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Many patients with oral health problems come to our office because they have not replaced their missing natural teeth in time.

Beyond the esthetic issue involved in the loss of teeth, it is very important to assess how a dental implant can improve the patient’s quality of life. With a proper implantation strategy, you will avoid future displacement or breakage of your healthy teeth.

Have you lost one or more teeth, but are not sure if you should have a dental implant?

Many patients come to us with questions about what dental implants are and how they can help them improve their oral health. Do you also identify with this feeling of uncertainty?

  • You think it will be a painful procedure. Do not worry, dental implantation is performed after local anesthesia of the area and you will not feel any pain during the procedure.
  • You are not sure that the results will be long lasting and that is why you have doubts. The dental implantology techniques and protocols of our dental clinic in Granada guarantee maximum durability, which is between 15 and 25 years.
  • You think that dental implants are not affordable. Our raison d’être is to help our patients enjoy the benefits of beautiful and healthy teeth. For this reason, we have a system of payment facilities that will allow you to meet the cost of your dental implants.
  • You are worried that it will be noticed that you are wearing a dental implant. You don’t have to worry. The new generation dental implants blend in with the rest of the patient’s teeth. We seek a natural esthetic concept that respects the shade and texture of the original dentition.

In addition to the obvious esthetic issue, losing a tooth involves much more. Implant dentistry improves the patient’s life and allows them to recover the original functional qualities of their teeth.

Smile and eat normally again thanks to our dental implant treatments.

Don’t let time keep you from continuing to maintain healthy oral health. If you have lost a tooth or molar, it is important to replace it as soon as possible.

What types of dental implants do we perform at Clínica Cervantes?

Discover what each type of dental implant can do for you:

  • Immediate implants. The implant is placed after removal of the original tooth. Time is shortened and the placement of the definitive crown is brought forward.
  • Immediate load dental implants. With this implant treatment you will leave our clinic with temporary teeth from day one. Thus, the wait for the placement of your definitive crowns will not be so long and aesthetically you will not suffer great changes.
  • Guided surgery. We have new techniques that allow us to digitally plan the surgery. Thanks to a surgical splint we achieve accurate results without incisions and stitches.

In your first free visit at Cervantes Dental Clinic, we will indicate the most suitable type of implant for you. In case you need more than one prosthesis, we will see how many dental implants can be placed in one day in your specific case.

What technology do we use to carry out this treatment?

How is a dental implant placed? Discover how we do it at Clínica Cervantes

Learn about how dental implants are placed

  1. Diagnosis. We review your mouth and study your case to determine the best solution. We have 3D radiology to make this process accurate and efficient.
  2. Placement. The latest generation technology allows us to place dental implants optimizing the results and without discomfort. Minimally invasive surgical precision will greatly reduce your discomfort, also in the postoperative period.
  3. Healing and rown placement. We will inform you of all the care you should take into account during this period. Then we will place the definitive prosthesis over the implant so that you can enjoy a natural and healthy set of teeth.

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Implantes Dentales en Granada

Advantages of having a dental implant at Clínica Cervantes?

We have been improving smiles for more than ten years with our innovative dental implant treatments in Granada. We guarantee:

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