How to choose a toothbrush?

The toothbrush should be comfortable and not cause damage to the gums. Although the most important thing is the act of brushing, this is how the American Dental Association explains it. Studies show that Americans devote 1,000 hours of their lives to this task. This association has prepared a brief guide on the most appropriate choice of toothbrush. with several keys that we are going to name below.

What should my toothbrush look like?

There is no exact science to know if it is better manual or electric, but it is true that there are some bases by which we must be guided at the time of the election.

Type of dental bristles

This is one of the top priorities. The bristles are, after all, the filaments responsible for cleaning the teeth of tartar and infectious agents in depth, so they must be soft. Otherwise, tooth enamel and gums may be damaged.

Most dentists recommend soft or extra soft bristle brushes for teeth with sensitive gums. On the other hand, some people think that since they do not have sensitive gums, it is better to use hard bristle brushes because they remove dirt better, but this is not true. It has the same effectiveness as a mild or extra mild one.

When the bristles are in bad condition, they should be changed.

Proper head size

The American Dental Association recommends that toothbrushes should fit the size of your mouth. A measurement of 1″ long and 1⁄2″ wide is established as ideal for successful planing.

Medium texture or small head are usually recommended. They are ideal for reaching all parts of our mouth, including the posterior molars.

Electric toothbrush?

There is no evidence that electric toothbrushing is more efficient than manual brushing. However, the former has proven to be a motivating element to achieve a healthy oral and oral hygiene habit.

The American Dental Association’s recommendation on the choice between buying an electric toothbrush or a conventional toothbrush is clear, whichever one most encourages people to brush. However, for people with arthritis problems, electric toothbrushing makes the task easier.

New brush

The brush should be changed, as mentioned above, when the bristles are in bad condition. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that after suffering from an illness, especially those related to viruses and bacteria, the old toothbrush should be discarded and a new one purchased. After all, toothbrushes are in constant contact with infectious agents and traces of them could be left on future brushings, with the underlying danger of causing contagion.

Even so, it is always recommended to change the toothbrush between three and four months, since a worn toothbrush does not clean the same.

After evaluating all these aspects related to the correct choice of a toothbrush, it should be noted that, when in doubt, the dentist is the right professional to recommend the toothbrush that best suits the needs of each person.

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