Endodontics in Granada

Endodontics in Granada is one of the most requested treatments in our clinic. We have a team of specialized dentists that will give you a quick and effective solution to your oral health problem.

Deep cavities, wear and dental infections are the main causes that lead our patients to ask us when to perform a root canal. What does this treatment consist of? In the case of a damaged nerve, we remove the pulp of the tooth to be treated and fill it with a biocompatible material in order to preserve it.

How do you know if you need a root canal? Pay attention to the following symptoms

If you recognize any of these symptoms and you think you might need a root canal in Granada, you can contact us to arrange your first visit free of charge. We will evaluate your case and inform you how to proceed if necessary.

  • You have severe pain when chewing. This discomfort could be due to some injury to the nerve of a tooth. It is important to have a specialist check the condition of your mouth to prevent a possible dental infection from spreading.
  • When you eat something cold or hot the pain is unbearable. Another key sign to suspect a problem in the dental nerves is pain with temperature changes.
  • Your gums are more swollen and red than usual. This is a clear sign of infection and should be treated as soon as possible. It is usually one of the symptoms that most alerts our patients.

One of our specialists will assess the extent of your problem after a scan of the area and an x-ray. After this review we will inform you about the specific treatment in your case and the price of your endodontics in our dental clinic.

How is endodontics performed? Learn about the treatment

If you are wondering how a root canal is performed, we invite you to read on to find out what it consists of and how this type of dental treatment is carried out.

Phases of treatment at Cervantes Clinic: endodontics step by step

  • First diagnostic phase. We analyze the condition of your tooth and determine the extent of the nerve involvement. A specialized dentist will determine what other tests are necessary to achieve a quick and accurate diagnosis.
  • Third phase: access and removal of the pulp. After applying local anesthesia to the area to be treated, the tooth is drilled to access the affected tissue and remove it.
  • Fourth phase: cleaning. From an exhaustive process with fine files and antibacterial liquids, we thoroughly clean the canals of your tooth until we reach the root.
  • Fifth phase: sealing and follow-up. After cleaning, we seal the ducts to prevent further infection. We will place the definitive filling about a week later and establish a follow-up plan together.

Technology we use to carry out endodontic treatment in our clinic in Granada.

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Advantages of putting yourself in the hands of Cervantes Clinic to perform your Endodontics

Why have an endodontic treatment at Cervantes Clinic? Find out what sets us apart from other dental clinics in Granada.

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