Dental implants and their multiple advantages

Dental implants are prostheses that the dentist inserts when a person has lost a tooth or must remove a tooth for some specific reason.

Dental implants act as substitutes for the root of a tooth or molar and are permanent, as well as being able to adapt to the oral environment and bone perfectly without deteriorating. But what are the advantages of this type of implant?

1-They help to follow a normal life. The most important advantage of dental implants is that, thanks to them, the patient is able to lead a life and routine without complications. The implant allows you to eat, drink and maintain a completely normal oral hygiene. It does not require any extraordinary care or visits to the dentist other than those that are optimal for good oral health.

2-Helpto preserve healthy teeth. Implants reduce the load on the rest of healthy teeth and molars, since they offer a point of support for other types of solutions such as crowns or bridges. In this way, the neighboring teeth will not be worn down or damaged.

3-They arepermanent. Reconstructions and other types of solutions that are usually offered are much less safe, since the implants, which are usually made of titanium, are fixed and permanent.

4-Safety and speed in the intervention. The placement of an implant is performed under local anesthesia and is simple and quick, so there is practically no risk.

5-It is a personalized solution that is carried out under individualized studies for each patient, so that the best possible solution is always guaranteed.

Dental implants are the most natural and permanent solution for a beautiful smile without complications. This is an intervention that, in the case of missing teeth, is always optimal.

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