Dental Whitening in Granada

Teeth whitening in Granada is an increasingly common trend, and we put years of experience at your disposal to guarantee the best results.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, we recommend teeth whitening.

The loss of whiteness in teeth considerably affects esthetics. As they say, the face is the reflection of the soul, and there is no better letter of introduction than a good smile.

That is why at Cervantes Dental Clinic we offer you a proven treatment to help you if you feel something similar to this:

  • You have stained and dull teeth: whether due to disease or not following regular hygiene habits, teeth can lose their natural color and affect the aesthetics of the smile.
  • The consumption of some beverages such as coffee, soft drinks or wine have taken their toll on your teeth: another reason why whiteness loses intensity is because there are some beverages that directly influence the color and general condition of the teeth.
  • You often cover your mouth when you laugh because you are ashamed of the color of your teeth: don’t worry, there is a quick and easy solution to restore the original color of your teeth so that you can wear a perfect smile.

If you are interested in a dental cleaning and whitening in Granada, just contact us and we will inform you about it.

What does our combined teeth whitening consist of? Discover the treatment

If you are not sure what teeth whitening is or what are the steps to recover the color, the professionals at Clínica Cervantes are at your disposal to guide you through the whole process.

In addition, we offer a first consultation totally free of charge, so that you can learn about the different alternatives that exist and choose what interests you most according to your preferences and needs.

Professional cleaning in our clinic

Before carrying out a teeth whitening treatment, a thorough cleaning by professionals is recommended, as this removes possible layers of tartar, for example, which directly affect the color of your teeth.

Home treatment

To increase the patient’s comfort and the effectiveness of the treatment, in addition to the sessions at the clinic, you can carry out the so-called combined treatment, which involves continuing the process at your own home.

Session with lamp in the clinic

In our center we have first class whitening lamps so that the result is perfect. The power of the LED lamps allows the intensity to be adjusted to the needs of each patient, thus offering a personalized treatment.

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Blanqueamiento de dientes en Granada

Why should you have your teeth whitened at Dental Cervantes Clinic?

Opting for whitening in Granada is a great decision if you want to recover your dental aesthetics. These are the main benefits:

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