Dental Veneers in Granada

One of the most comfortable and effective ways to improve your dental esthetics are dental veneers. We have first quality materials and the best professionals to guarantee the success of the treatment.

Cases in which dental veneers are recommended

In order to know if veneers are really the most appropriate treatment for you, come to our clinic and we will make a personalized study of your teeth to put dental veneers in Granada.

Thanks to our years of experience in the sector, we know what circumstances are conducive to the use of this type of dental esthetic treatment.

  • You have fractures or minor wear on your teeth: sometimes it is not necessary to have major aesthetic problems to opt for dental veneers. A small problem can significantly affect aesthetics, and with this you will regain the perfect smile.
  • You would like to have perfectly aligned teeth: without the need for orthodontic treatment, veneers can be used to show an image of perfect alignment. Your teeth will look perfectly in place thanks to the work of our professionals.
  • You have tried teeth whitening but your teeth are still yellow: although there is a boom in teeth whitening treatments, there are many factors that influence their effectiveness, and that is why sometimes it is worth making an investment in dental veneers and forget about this problem.
  • You want to improve the appearance of your smile by enlarging your teeth: microdontia is an anomaly in which the teeth appear small in relation to the size of the mouth. To correct this without the need for surgery, veneers are the best esthetic solution today.

As you can see, dental veneers are very versatile and have multiple applications, so if you identify with any of these cases, you should see a specialist.

Improve your smile thanks to dental veneers. Learn about the treatment

Among the solutions available on the market to improve dental esthetics, veneers have a proven efficiency and more and more patients are opting for them.

If you want to have an impeccable smile, improve your appearance with top quality material in a reference dental clinic in Granada.

What types of veneers are there?

As we say, we like to give a personalized treatment to each client and offer the best possible treatment. In that sense, there are different kinds of dental veneers that are more convenient according to the characteristics of each patient.

Porcelain Veneers

The main advantage of this kind of veneers is their durability. They are really consistent and can last for more than twenty years if you maintain proper dental health habits. In addition, they do not change color over time and are great value for money.

Composite Veneers

Although they lose part of their properties in a shorter period of time (around 5 years), the good thing is that have a lower costThis may be a good first option to try dental veneers and see if it is worthwhile to try more durable ones.

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Discover the advantages of having Dental Veneers

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are a series of benefits to learn more about what dental veneers are and what their benefits are.

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