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The peace of mind of having the little ones with the best children’s dentists in Granada.
Affiliated to PADI (Children’s Dental Assistance Plan of Andalusia)

If you have any doubts about the oral health of your little one, you suspect that he or she has a cavity, or you simply want to make sure that everything is in order, we will be happy to meet you. We invite you to request your first free appointment in our pediatric dentistry service in Granada.

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Granada because you have detected a dental problem in your child?

In your first visit to our clinic, we will solve all your doubts about the dental health of the little ones of the house. Do you recognize yourself in some of these situations?

  • You don’t know when to take your child to the dentist. The latest studies in pediatric dentistry related to problems in the primary dentition recommend that this first check-up should be done when the child is one year old.
  • Your child has cavities. We will solve the problem and give you the keys to maintain your child’s good oral hygiene. Educating the little ones about dental health is also our job!
  • You have detected that your little one has a crooked tooth and you think he/she needs braces. When the child’s permanent teeth appear, certain problems with dental structures such as separated or crooked teeth may begin to appear. A pediatric orthodontist will guide you on how to proceed.
  • Your child has suffered a fall and has a broken tooth. If you are looking for a children’s dentist in Granada to deal with this type of problem, our team has excellent professionals in cosmetic orthodontics.

Seeing a pediatric dentist early is the key to preventing a wide variety of oral problems in the future. Contact us to make an appointment with a dentist for children in Granada, the first appointment is free!

How can we help you? Discover our dental treatments for children

  • Orthodontics or braces. Bone or dental alterations begin to appear early. Early correction of these incorrectnesses will save the child from certain anomalies or future oral and dental problems, such as maxillofacial decompensations.
  • Groove and fissure sealants to prevent cavities. There are children who are prone to caries, even in their baby teeth. We strongly believe in prevention and, therefore, this is one of our most demanded services.
  • Restorative treatments. It is common for children to trip and end up with broken teeth. These accidental traumas are addressed by our specialists in pediatric dental restoration.
  • Pulpectomy to act on an infected primary tooth. Occasionally, our small patients come to our
    dental clinic in Granada
    with deeper cavities that require the extraction of the nerve tissue of the baby tooth.
  • Treatment of temporary tooth loss. It is often difficult to guarantee that the baby tooth will be preserved until the definitive tooth arrives. In these cases, it is important to replace this piece with a space maintainer that avoids displacement of the rest of the denture.
  • Dental cleanings and fluoride application. This type of preventive action protects your teeth from future decay. Fluoride is a great ally of children’s oral health.
  • Periodic reviews. Healthy eating habits, proper brushing and respecting visits to a trusted children’s dentist – the perfect triad that will ensure your children’s good oral health!

When and why should you take your children to the dentist for the first time?

Many parents send us their doubts about when to take their children to the dentist. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that the ideal time to take your child to a pediatric dentist is around the first year of life.

This first visit is crucial to avoid future dental problems and to rectify any deviation in the oral and dental development of the little ones.

Book your child's first visit. It's free!

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Benefits of our pediatric dentistry treatments for children

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