Cervantes Dental Clinic: Meeting our partner Marta López

We continue with the interviews to the members of our Cervantes Dental Clinic in Granada that we have been doing for some time. Today is the turn of Marta López, another of our dental hygienists.

Interview with… Marta Lopez, dental hygienist at Cervantes Dental Clinic

Why did you decide to become a dental hygienist?

Because I have loved the world of dentistry since I was a child. I think he was one of the few people who liked going to the dentist. I always liked to observe and watch, because I liked the whole subject of the materials used by dentists.

What makes Cervantes Dental Clinic special?

I believe that the treatment with the patient, the sincerity in treating him. Convey that if there is a treatment that does not suit you, we will not do it. We will always give you the best and most appropriate service for your case.

What is the quality you consider necessary to be a dental hygienist?

The first thing is the vocation, that you like it very much. And, above all, to treat the patient well, with affection, because they notice it.

What is the most complicated procedure you have performed?

I don’t think any of them have been very complicated.

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most?

I love cleanings. Because you see the result at the moment and I like to do it right, that it looks great.

What motivates you the most on a daily basis?

What motivates me the most is that I come and come because I like to do my job. But, for example, the treatment with the patient, which was something that did not appeal to me at all, in the end you end up liking it.

And that’s one of the parts I enjoy the most, the one-on-one with people. Being close to them.

What is the atmosphere like at Cervantes Dental Clinic?

Well, there is a very good feeling between us and I think that is one of the most important things.

What do you think your patients value most?

I think the way we treat them. That you are not distant or cold with them and that when it comes to doing your job you are good at it.

Do your job well, but be approachable, because it is already uncomfortable for them to sit in the office chair. That’s why you have to make them feel comfortable and at ease, in a relaxed and close environment.

What basic care do you recommend for healthy oral hygiene to your patients?

Brushing 3 times a day. The one at night is the most important.

Flossing is super important, something that most people don’t take into account and most cavities come between teeth .

For this reason, I insist a lot on interporximal hygiene and daily brushing.

How often do you recommend going to the dentist?

If it is a healthy mouth that is all right, every 9 months.

And finally… What changes do you think will take place in the sector in the coming years?

Well, I don’t know exactly. New technologies such as 3D radiography are now being introduced.

And then, for impressions, I believe that in the future they will stop taking impressions, because they have come out with a new device that does not require registration, something that is usually uncomfortable for patients, and they are going to like that better.

Well, this is the fourth interview that we do to the team of Cervantes Dental Clinic in Granada and with which we will continue so that you know all our members.

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