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What are dental prostheses? What types are there?

Dentures are a very important issue because our mouth says a lot about us, about our appearance, so when we are missing a tooth there are two solutions: replace it through a fixed bridge or place an implant in the missing tooth. In this article we are going to talk about dental prostheses, what they

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What are the myths and truths of teeth whitening?

In general, there is a great lack of knowledge about dental health. There are many myths that exist today regarding our oral health, but especially when it comes to teeth whitening. What is teeth whitening? It is a cosmetic dentistry treatment with the purpose of eliminating those stains, providing a whiter and brighter shade. Teeth

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Is biting your nails harmful to your dental health?

Since we were little, our mothers have been telling us not to bite our nails because it is bad, don’t bite your nails because you will get bugs, but…. is it really so bad to bite your nails? What is onychophagia? Nail biting is a habit of nervousness or even boredom or stress. Not only

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Do you know what are the most typical false dental myths?

Throughout our lives we hear about many myths that sometimes we never corroborate. These come from word of mouth or even through the Internet. On this occasion, we are going to comment on the dental myths that have sometimes worried us so much because they have not been contrasted. What are the most common false

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What is smile design and what are its advantages?

Nowadays, more and more patients are demanding more and more treatments with aesthetic but also natural results for their smile. This is how treatments such as smile design come about. Because people most often demand that the appearance of the tooth to be repaired or replaced should fit naturally in their mouth, so that no

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Toothbrush: Manual or electric?

Oral cleaning is very important, as we always tell you in most of our posts. Choosing a good toothbrush for you is also important. However, it should be clarified that effective toothbrushing can be done with either a manual or an electric toothbrush, as long as they are used correctly, with the proper technique and

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How to prevent tooth wear? Types of tooth wear

Dental wear is a common physiological phenomenon in elderly patients, mainly due to the daily use of the teeth during mastication. However, there are people who suffer tooth wear at an early age. This is usually due to bruxism. This is a disorder that consists of involuntary clenching and grinding of the teeth, an action

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