Articulation problems and bruxism in Granada

Have you detected that you may have bruxism and are looking for a professional in Granada to treat it? Bruxism or teeth grinding is a common problem among patients we treat in our center.

We help you to solve your bruxism in Granada, in Cervantes Clinic we have simple and economical treatments to remedy it and thus avoid damaging your teeth.

How do you know if you have bruxism? Pay attention to the symptoms

You probably identify with any of these circumstances if you have the habit of grinding your teeth and wonder how to tell if you have bruxism. If you have one or more of these signs, request an appointment at Dental Cervantes Clinic and put yourself in the hands of professionals to treat bruxism in Granada.

  • You wake up with toothache, jaw overload or have recurrent head and neck pain: the pressure exerted by clicking during the night causes disorders and inflammation in different areas. If you treat the problem, you will avoid these discomforts and feel better throughout the day.
  • You have noticed severe tooth wear or fractures in the enamel and teeth: the dentition is damaged when you are continuously clenching your teeth. Treat it as soon as possible, you will reduce dental lesions without dulling your smile.
  • You have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia: the interdental pressure exerted during the night reduces the quality of your sleep. Don’t let this small obstacle prevent you from sleeping better, solving it will help you get more rest.
  • You suffer from neck pain and you don’t know why it occurs: jaw tension can cause damage, leading to contractures that result in dizziness and vertigo. Improving this situation will help prevent neck pain and improve your mobility.
  • In the morning you have increased tooth or muscle sensitivity: teeth become more sensitive to high and low temperatures due to injuries to the teeth. When you solve the pathology you will enjoy much more eating or drinking any food without discomfort.

Discover our clinic and leave behind these jaw problems and dental pain to improve your quality of life. Our clinic specializes in treating bruxism problems in Granada.

We will propose a personalized treatment to solve these ailments as soon as possible and effectively.

How to avoid bruxism? We help you to find the best treatment

If you have identified with the symptoms, the next step is to contact a dentist who will perform a thorough examination of your case to detect the causes and explain the ideal treatment for you. After your visit to Cervantes Clinic, our specialists will tell you the solution and you will know how to avoid bruxism with the right procedure to follow.

The unloading splint

After detecting the origin and treating it to reduce the friction between teeth and tension in the jaw area, we will make a custom-made splint that you will have to wear every night to alleviate the symptoms. The dentist will take the measurements of your mouth and will indicate to the laboratory what your customized mouthguard should look like.

The dental splint will fully adjust to your mouth so that it performs a perfect function while you sleep. It will teach you how to use it correctly and how to maintain it so that you can keep it for a long time.

Other treatments to solve bruxism

Other comprehensive treatments are available to control dental clenching and relieve pressure on the jaw, prevent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, enamel damage and even tooth breakage.

Dental grinding, orthodontics or the placement of dentures and crowns in areas of missing teeth, our prosthodontist will advise you on the best method for this unconscious disorder. And we cannot forget the physiotherapy specialized in TMJ, which complements the rest of the treatments with exercises and massages and contributes to the recovery.

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Evitar el Bruxismo en Granada

Why trust Cervantes Clinic to put an end to your joint problems and bruxism?

Our clinic is formed by dentists specialized in different fields of the dental sector in order to treat any dental pathology. You will be satisfied with the personalized treatment and the work of our team to treat bruxism in Granada.

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