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Have you been putting off that visit to the dentist in Granada that you know is going to change your smile and your quality of life?

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Do you want us to check the state of your oral health?

Personalized attention and the specialization of our dentists are the driving forces behind our continuous improvement. If you are looking for a dental clinic in Granada, we will be pleased to meet you.

A team of dentists in Granada that has never stopped growing

Since 2008, the number of patients has not stopped growing and with them our team of dentists in Granada. This led us to move to a larger and more modern facility on Av/ de Cervantes which has been our second home since 2014. If this professional evolution has taught us anything, it is to live our profession intensely, driven by the premise of improving day by day.

What makes us a reference dental clinic in Granada

We firmly believe that continuous training and proximity to the patient are two crucial aspects of our success. For this reason, we invest great efforts in continuing to learn and complete our human service with the best professionals.

Another of our strengths? A firm commitment to innovation and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Technology helps us to improve as physicians and to offer a more comprehensive and efficient service to our patients.

We are committed to offer you a quality service based on the latest developments in dentistry. We are very demanding and we make sure to offer comprehensive and personalized treatments to each of our patients. We strive to continue positioning ourselves, year after year, as a dental clinic of reference in Granada.

Our Services

Our best letter of introduction, our oral health services in Granada.

In Cervantes Dental Clinic we have all the necessary services to take care of the oral health of our patients.
How can we help you?

Implantes Dentales en Granada

Experts in implantology

We take into account the original color and shape of your teeth to help you achieve 100% natural results.
Ortodoncia en Granada

Innovative orthodontic service

We work with the best orthodontic materials and systems on the market, such as Invisalign orthodontic treatment.
Tratamiento de Estética Dental Granada

Dental esthetics specialized

We rely on technology to design your smile and guarantee a harmonious and personal esthetic result.
Periodoncia en Granada

Service periodontics

Untreated periodontal diseases result in serious infections and tooth loss.
Endodoncia Granada

Endodontic Services

Deep cavities, trauma or fractures can cause the nerves of the affected teeth to become inflamed or infected.

Dentista Infantil en Granada

Dentistry for children

A service to control the state of oral health for those who are looking for a reliable dentist in Granada.
Solución a los Ronquidos en Granada

Anti-snoring and apnea treatment

One of our most requested services in Granada. Improve your quality of life thanks to our experts in sleep disorders.
Problemas de articulación y bruxismo en Granada

Bruxism and articulation

Don’t let stress and certain joint and craniofacial muscle pathologies become major problems.
Invisalign Granada

Invisalign treatment

Improve your smile thanks to the customized clear aligners of the Invisalign invisible orthodontic technique.
Brackets de baja fricción en Granada

Low friction brackets

Thanks to the innovative grip system of this orthodontic appliance, less friction is achieved between the bracket and the archwire of the appliance.
Brackets estéticos en Granada

Aesthetic braces Granada

Sapphire or ceramic brackets are an alternative orthodontic alternative to metal brackets that is almost imperceptible.
Diseño de Sonrisas en Granada

Perfect smile design

We take into account the important aspects of our patients’ faces in order to design their perfect smile.

Tratamiento para Cirugía de Encía en Granada

Cosmetic gum surgery

Restore the ideal shape and appearance of your gums by putting yourself in the hands of our experts in mucogingival surgery.

Carillas Dentales en Granada

Repair with dental veneers

Using materials that mimic the shape and color of natural teeth, we can improve the appearance of your smile.

Blanqueamiento Dental en Granada

Tooth whitening

Achieve whiter and brighter teeth by reducing several shades of the original color of your teeth.

Why choose us as your trusted dental clinic in Granada ?

State of the art dentistry to offer fast and accurate diagnoses to our patients. How do we achieve this? We are committed to first class medical equipment and have professionals specialized in each area.

Who is behind Dental Clinic?

We are a team of professional experts in different areas of dentistry that has been taking care of the oral health of their patients for more than a decade. Our raison d’être? To continue to be positioned as one of the best dental clinics in Granada.

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